The Utah 1033 Foundation has presented nine students from across the State, all children of Utah law enforcement officers, with $1,500 each in Leadership Awards in 2020, in honor of both the individual students and Utah’s fallen law enforcement officers.

High school and college students from around the State applied for the 2020 Leadership Awards by submitting an essay in response to a prompt which asked them to grapple with the issue of freedom of speech on college campuses.  The winning students were selected on the basis of their essays and for their demonstrated academic achievement and rigor.

“The Utah 1033 Foundation is very proud of this year’s recipients,” said Utah 1033 Foundation president Dave Kaufman. “Their academic achievements are incredible, and their essays were very insightful with respect to a nuanced topic.  We expect great things from all of them and look forward to staying in touch.”

The 2020 Leadership Award winners were determined in early April, but The Utah 1033 Foundation delayed their public announcement in hopes that a live Awards ceremony could be scheduled and a public announcement made at that time.  The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has made a live ceremony impossible in 2020, however, hence the current announcement as the 2020 – 2021 academic year is about to start.

Each Utah 1033 Foundation 2020 Leadership Award bears the name of one of the nine officers killed in the line of duty from the Foundation’s creation in 2011 through the conclusion of the 2020 Award application process in January; The Utah 1033 Foundation will include Ogden Officer Nate Lyday, EOW May 28th, 2020, in the honor list for future Leadership Award cycles.  Committee members, through a blind screening process, selected the following nine Award recipients in 2020:

Alexandra Webb – recipient of the 2020 Joseph Shinners Leadership Award
Courtney Blue  – recipient of the 2020 David Romrell Leadership Award
Maya Pack – recipient of the 2020 Eric Ellsworth Leadership Award
Jacob Pentico – recipient of the 2020 Cody Brotherson Leadership Award
Courtney _____* – recipient of the 2020 Douglas Barney Leadership Award
(*last name withheld for security purposes)
Brooklynn Wolken – recipient of the 2020 Cory Wride Leadership Award
Ryker Nye – recipient of the 2020 Derek Johnson Leadership Award
Lexie Owens – recipient of the 2020 Aaron Beesley Leadership Award
Porter Biehler – recipient of the 2020 Jared Francom Leadership Award


About The Utah 1033 Foundation

The Utah 1033 Foundation is a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) non-profit organization established in 2011 to honor Utah’s fallen officers by providing immediate financial support to their families, and to assist dependents of fallen and active Utah peace officers with education costs.

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