The Utah 1033 Foundation is proud to acknowledge our current donors who, in a given year, have donated the “magic” number of $1,033 to become a current member of our 1033 Club.  Our deepest thanks go out to our current 1033 Club members (this list is updated quarterly):

Current 1033 Club (Annual Donation of $1,033 or more)

2021 1033 Club Members

  • Jim and Caroline Brown
  • Campbell Scientific, Inc.
  • George S. and Dolores Doré Eccles Foundation
  • Don Jones
  • Knight Family Foundation
  • Franklin and Debbie Morton
  • Motorola Solutions Foundation
  • Operation: Hardline
  • Matthew and Tatiana Prince
  • Brian Sidman
  • Sorenson Legacy Foundation
  • Steve Taylor
  • Summit County Sheriff’s Office
  • Threat Based Threads
  • United We March
  • Utah Dough Show
  • Utah  Sheriffs’ Association
  • Jim Vicars


We rely on donations from individuals, corporations and private donors. If you are interested in supporting The Utah 1033 Foundation, please consider donating today.