Friends, please check out the message below from Garret Atkin, Chief of Police for Syracuse City, regarding the Syracuse City Police Department’s presence at the 2017 Pumpkin Walk, which starts tomorrow on the 26th. Be sure to come on out — this family-friendly event will be fun for everyone!

“This year, Syracuse Police Department will not be hosting a Guns-n-Hoses event. Instead, we will be at the Pumpkin Walk doing a charity event to raise funds for the Utah 1033 Foundation. The Foundation provides immediate financial support to the families of Utah’s fallen law enforcement officers and provides scholarships for the post-secondary education of the officer’s children. Named for the radio code “10-33,” which means an officer is in urgent need of help, the Foundation is honored to give back to the families who sacrifice and accept great risk so that we may have safer communities.

“As a community and Department, we are fortunate that we have not had the need for this Foundation. Unfortunately, in 2016 three officers in Utah were killed in the line of duty. Each was a tragic day where mothers lost their son, wives lost their husband, or children lost their father. We cannot abandon or forget them.

“This event is very important to our Department, and we know the employees of this great City will help support our cause.

“We will be selling pumpkin pies, police support tiles, and cookbooks. The tiles and cookbooks were made by members of the Department. Each item is $10.00, or you can purchase one of each in a combination package for $25.00.

“Thanks in advance for your support.

Garret Atkin
Police Chief
Syracuse Police Department”

Oh, and, to whet your appetite, you can see the table of contents / recipe list for the cookbook here.  Yum yum!  Thanks so much to Chief Atkin and to the Syracuse City Police Department for all their support, and we hope everyone has an awesome time!